Until we meet again <3

Seeing 2017 go so soon.

We’re going to close this year with all the sessions neglected on the blog. We were able to fulfill some of last years hopes and dreams (booking a solid summer, traveling ect.) but we didn’t get any better with blog upkeep. Don’t fret though, it’s in the works.

We are forever grateful for those that have followed our journey, encouraging words are some that stick with you for life. & a huge thank you to the wonderful friends we met and photographed this year. Seeing so many faces in front of my lens brings so much joy to my heart. Like, I love y’all for real. I love hearing your love stories, your triumphs, your good news, I love being able to give you moments that you’ll look back on in 10-15 years and smile over. It brings me the purest type of satisfaction to see so many people in love or growing families, joining families, remembering families & to be able to put your personalities into one little photograph. Y’all are the real MVP’s!

Have plans for 2018?

This year I will be back at it when the weather warms up. But, with my family. I plan to fill weekends with your beautiful faces but I intend to photograph my kids, boyfriend & family more than I ever have before. A promise to pick up my camera daily and photograph the tiny little moments that usually only I see. Because kids aren’t kids for long. I plan to continue to travel. And I hope to expand into food photography wildly this new year!

So, let’s look back at Southern Cotton’s 2017!

Celebrating 2016.

What an incredible year 2016 was for us.

We moved out. Ventured on our own. Booked some fabulous weddings. Participated in Birmingham’s Big Fake Wedding! Entered some national contests. Finished school. Photographed family non-stop. Did a ton of personal work. Met some incredible people! Saw some gorgeous bellies, families, couples & kids. Supported other small businesses – promoted whole heartedly. But most of all, we grew.

What will 2017 bring?

For us, we plan to – be present more. Blog more. Gift more. Get published again. Book a solid wedding summer. Continue to meet & connect with great people. Try something new. & travel.

Thank you. For your support. Your love & encouragement. My clients push me to continually be better and my friends/family keep me going when I’m unsure of myself. There’s no way I’d be here without y’all. I really am grateful for all of y’all!

Cheers to this crazy new adventure of a new year!

Vintage-Cotton Senior Portraits


How lucky we were to score these awesome vintage planes and trucks. And how perfect you look with them! Being a senior in high school isn’t always easy but you’ve got great role models and aspirations for life. I’m so happy you found your way to me, I can’t wait to watch you grow into something spectacular! You’ve got one more month & you’re off to college, the world will be lucky to meet you!

Kaitlyn-Senior (5)Kaitlyn-Senior (7)Kaitlyn-Senior (9)Kaitlyn-Senior (12)Kaitlyn-Senior (13)Kaitlyn-Senior (17)Kaitlyn-Senior (18)Kaitlyn-Senior (21)Kaitlyn-Senior (22)Kaitlyn-Senior (26)Kaitlyn-Senior (30)Kaitlyn-Senior (31)Kaitlyn-Senior (33)Kaitlyn-Senior (36)Kaitlyn-Senior (37)Kaitlyn-Senior (40)Kaitlyn-Senior (41)Kaitlyn-Senior (44)Kaitlyn-Senior (45)Kaitlyn-Senior (48)Kaitlyn-Senior (49)Kaitlyn-Senior (56)Kaitlyn-Senior (60)Kaitlyn-Senior (61)Kaitlyn-Senior (62)Kaitlyn-Senior (65)Kaitlyn-Senior (67)Kaitlyn-Senior (69)Kaitlyn-Senior (71)Kaitlyn-Senior (76)Kaitlyn-Senior (78)