Celebrating 2016.

What an incredible year 2016 was for us.

We moved out. Ventured on our own. Booked some fabulous weddings. Participated in Birmingham’s Big Fake Wedding! Entered some national contests. Finished school. Photographed family non-stop. Did a ton of personal work. Met some incredible people! Saw some gorgeous bellies, families, couples & kids. Supported other small businesses – promoted whole heartedly. But most of all, we grew.

What will 2017 bring?

For us, we plan to – be present more. Blog more. Gift more. Get published again. Book a solid wedding summer. Continue to meet & connect with great people. Try something new. & travel.

Thank you. For your support. Your love & encouragement. My clients push me to continually be better and my friends/family keep me going when I’m unsure of myself. There’s no way I’d be here without y’all. I really am grateful for all of y’all!

Cheers to this crazy new adventure of a new year!

Lucey Goosey Designs!

 I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite knitting machines! Her name is Beth Lucey Hansen from Lucey Goosey Designs! I have had the pleasure of working with her here recently to style my sessions in one of a kind crocheted pieces! Her work is absolutely awesome and she always entertains my ideas with her own. She is a sweetheart and puts her soul into her work. If you haven’t checked her out, what are you waiting for?! These shots are just a sneak at what’s to come in the future! Thanks Beth!!

Hersey Kiss Crochet Set:



Mermaid Crochet Set: