Until we meet again <3

Seeing 2017 go so soon.

We’re going to close this year with all the sessions neglected on the blog. We were able to fulfill some of last years hopes and dreams (booking a solid summer, traveling ect.) but we didn’t get any better with blog upkeep. Don’t fret though, it’s in the works.

We are forever grateful for those that have followed our journey, encouraging words are some that stick with you for life. & a huge thank you to the wonderful friends we met and photographed this year. Seeing so many faces in front of my lens brings so much joy to my heart. Like, I love y’all for real. I love hearing your love stories, your triumphs, your good news, I love being able to give you moments that you’ll look back on in 10-15 years and smile over. It brings me the purest type of satisfaction to see so many people in love or growing families, joining families, remembering families & to be able to put your personalities into one little photograph. Y’all are the real MVP’s!

Have plans for 2018?

This year I will be back at it when the weather warms up. But, with my family. I plan to fill weekends with your beautiful faces but I intend to photograph my kids, boyfriend & family more than I ever have before. A promise to pick up my camera daily and photograph the tiny little moments that usually only I see. Because kids aren’t kids for long. I plan to continue to travel. And I hope to expand into food photography wildly this new year!

So, let’s look back at Southern Cotton’s 2017!

Celebrating 2016.

What an incredible year 2016 was for us.

We moved out. Ventured on our own. Booked some fabulous weddings. Participated in Birmingham’s Big Fake Wedding! Entered some national contests. Finished school. Photographed family non-stop. Did a ton of personal work. Met some incredible people! Saw some gorgeous bellies, families, couples & kids. Supported other small businesses – promoted whole heartedly. But most of all, we grew.

What will 2017 bring?

For us, we plan to – be present more. Blog more. Gift more. Get published again. Book a solid wedding summer. Continue to meet & connect with great people. Try something new. & travel.

Thank you. For your support. Your love & encouragement. My clients push me to continually be better and my friends/family keep me going when I’m unsure of myself. There’s no way I’d be here without y’all. I really am grateful for all of y’all!

Cheers to this crazy new adventure of a new year!

Sock Monkey Roll Tide Fans

Baby Lawson.

I’ve been photographing you since before you were born. Your mother is so lucky to have you & your beautiful soul. You’re absolutely adorable and I look forward to seeing you grow! During your 6 month session you cried, screamed, peed and laughed – a lot. But you started sitting up so we can see all your slushy rolls! Yes, we love them. & your mom and dad wouldn’t go a session without have you tied to their favorite football team, roll tide baby. What are we going to do at your next session?!


It’s my 1/2 birthday, don’t dump your load.

You may remember sweet baby Carter from his newborn shoot with the same dump truck. My how he’s grown! This dump truck was his daddy’s toy when he was just a baby. How sweet it is to carry on playtime with toys that have been loved by the one that helped create you. Continuing his dump truck theme, what could be better than using some manly toys for his background? And could there be a more perfect smash cake than “Dirt Cake” for a little boy? (Even if he didn’t even taste the cake.) Carter Allen, my little kitten, is 6 months old! He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. He’s finally eating solid foods, rather well I might add. He has the most mesmerizing raspy little voice, you’ll totally mush when you hear it. He’s pulling up on EVERYTHING, the boy just wants to stand. Not to mention his bear crawl is now a full on, I’m gonna follow you where ever you go crawl. And oh my gosh y’all, he’s already got TWO teeth! His two older sisters are starting to become just as “gaga” over him too, Cameron must know what he’s doing at all times and in the right mood needs to hold him for a while. Kiah is little mommy and always has tabs on the baby and his needs. I think it’s safe to say that Carter adores them as he listens so intently when his sisters are in his face and he laughing hysterically when they speak to him. Six months, in six months he’s become quite the character. He is true to his Talbert stud muffin reputation. A fact all the women in his life with testify to. What will he have accomplished by the next time we see him?!

DSC_7416 DSC_7421 DSC_7427 DSC_7441 DSC_7445 DSC_7448 DSC_7453 DSC_7457 DSC_7463 DSC_7474 DSC_7481 DSC_7488 DSC_7511 DSC_7514 DSC_7521 DSC_7526 DSC_7536

Loves of my life!

As a parent and a photographer you’d think that I’d have a gazillion photos of my own children. I thought so too. I have found my children to be my worst clients, oddly enough! And on a rare occasion I get the in front of the lens with happy faces I’m so happy to share! Kdw is turning three in March and Cbaby is turning ONE in November! As time passes and they grow older, the love they bring into my life never ceases to amaze me. Like most parents, my children are my world! I so hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Sibling Smiles

 These two adorable kiddos are a riot! Lana is in the question phase, which makes it so much fun to answer with a question. Hunter is a little shy, but so stinkin’ cute! Although they didn’t really want to show each other any attention, well at least Hunter wasn’t really that into it. Either way they were way fun to run around with!


This beautiful babe comes to see me often, which makes me forever greatful. How could it not? She makes it easy to capture a great image! During this Christmas mini we decided to play with Christmas lights, and Corlee-Ann found that very entertaining as over half of my film are snaps of her mommy amusingly trying to distract her from putting the lights in her mouth! She is a quick one however and did manage to get a light in here and there! Overall, I enjoy this little girl more than words can say! I hope that you enjoy her just as well! MERRY CHRISTMAS!




As a photographer and mother I have the pleasure of photographing some of the sweetest moments of my children. You know, the moments of pure bliss, the moments of discontent, the moments of discovery, virtually any moment! Kiahlynn is my oldest, she’ll be two this March! Before she became a big sister life was all about her and on this day anyone in the world could see that. I followed her around our back yard as she ran around playing in her own world. I could think of a better way to spend my time as during these moments I got to combine some of the things I love the most! I hope you all enjoy her as much as I do everyday!