Vintage-Cotton Senior Portraits


How lucky we were to score these awesome vintage planes and trucks. And how perfect you look with them! Being a senior in high school isn’t always easy but you’ve got great role models and aspirations for life. I’m so happy you found your way to me, I can’t wait to watch you grow into something spectacular! You’ve got one more month & you’re off to college, the world will be lucky to meet you!

Kaitlyn-Senior (5)Kaitlyn-Senior (7)Kaitlyn-Senior (9)Kaitlyn-Senior (12)Kaitlyn-Senior (13)Kaitlyn-Senior (17)Kaitlyn-Senior (18)Kaitlyn-Senior (21)Kaitlyn-Senior (22)Kaitlyn-Senior (26)Kaitlyn-Senior (30)Kaitlyn-Senior (31)Kaitlyn-Senior (33)Kaitlyn-Senior (36)Kaitlyn-Senior (37)Kaitlyn-Senior (40)Kaitlyn-Senior (41)Kaitlyn-Senior (44)Kaitlyn-Senior (45)Kaitlyn-Senior (48)Kaitlyn-Senior (49)Kaitlyn-Senior (56)Kaitlyn-Senior (60)Kaitlyn-Senior (61)Kaitlyn-Senior (62)Kaitlyn-Senior (65)Kaitlyn-Senior (67)Kaitlyn-Senior (69)Kaitlyn-Senior (71)Kaitlyn-Senior (76)Kaitlyn-Senior (78)

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