More Woods & Families.

Meet the Kopecky’s.

This is my sister, my niece & nephew, my brother in law. My sister is always ready for family portraits, my brother in law – not so much. But man have they made some cute babies & we can’t lie, they photograph beautifully. Corlee-Ann & her brother have become quite the little hams with my camera and that makes my heart happy! Until next time!

Wooded Family Maternity.

The Paul’s.

I went to high school with these two! I’ve also been blessed with the task of photographing their first maternity photos, Madi’s newborns, their second maternity photos & Colt’s newborns – you must’ve seen them before. I love these guys to death! It’s been a long time but each time I get to catch up on life, see how they’ve grown, learn about what they’re into currently and play with some spunky little kids! Keep on coming y’all!

Wooded Families

The Jones.

This family is hilarious. Chris & Kalyn are getting married next weekend and I was lucky enough to photograph their first family session! I always enjoy my clients, but these guys were so much fun. Kas – crazy cute 11 year old with some serious flirt skills. We play kickball together on Thursday, so seeing these two in real clothes, not yelling at a ref was a treat. & I get to attend my first wedding as a guest in a few days! I hope you guys enjoy your lives together in laughter every day.

The Jones (1)The Jones (9)The Jones (10)The Jones (16)The Jones (17)The Jones (18)The Jones (20)The Jones (21)The Jones (22)The Jones (23)The Jones (24)The Jones (25)The Jones (26)

Sock Monkey Roll Tide Fans

Baby Lawson.

I’ve been photographing you since before you were born. Your mother is so lucky to have you & your beautiful soul. You’re absolutely adorable and I look forward to seeing you grow! During your 6 month session you cried, screamed, peed and laughed – a lot. But you started sitting up so we can see all your slushy rolls! Yes, we love them. & your mom and dad wouldn’t go a session without have you tied to their favorite football team, roll tide baby. What are we going to do at your next session?!


Woodsy Portraits

Kim Possible.

This sweet little babe is a great friend! We’ve been working together on a project for one of her classes so it seemed fitting to have her model for one of my classes. A black and white theme full of textures. Naturally, I found myself in the woods. & oh the delight! While I’m working to get my Certificate in Portrait Photography, I generally find myself shooting with more of a purpose. I enjoy shooting with a goal and theme, it’s an incredible way to expand the way I photograph. And for this assignment I was lucky enough to have such a captivating model. I look forward to all the new adventures these classes will be taking me on!


Nashville Bridge Engagements

Megan + Nilesh

Every girl deserves a photograph like the first one in this post. & you two do it so well! When I met Megan and Nilesh I could tell how special they were to each other. They were so patient and throughout. They were quick to make sure the other was happy and laughed at the mistakes made. They’re adorable, no other way to put it. I’m pretty excited to share in their wedding day, for Indian & Western traditions! & I can’t wait to get this girl back in front of me for her bridals, stay tuned – they’ll be viewable after their wedding!

Megan + Nilesh (50)Megan + Nilesh (48)Megan + Nilesh (43)Megan + Nilesh (35)Megan + Nilesh (34)Megan + Nilesh (21)Megan + Nilesh (20)Megan + Nilesh (10)Megan + Nilesh (7)Megan + Nilesh (9)

Cotton Inspired Country Engagements

Amanda + Brian

I love you two dearly. Your personalities make me laugh and keep me rolling. You’re a perfect fit, your highs match your lows and all that mushy stuff. I’m forever thankful to have friends like y’all, I’m super excited to watch y’all say your vows and embark on this conjoined journey. So here’s to you two!

Amanda + BrianAmanda + Brian (30)Amanda + Brian (26)Amanda + Brian (22)Amanda + Brian (18)Amanda + Brian (14)Amanda + Brian (11)Amanda + Brian (9)Amanda + Brian (8)Amanda + Brian (4)

The Ultimate Selfie


If you guys didn’t know, I’m currently working towards a Certificate in Portrait Photography through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. This often means that I’m out photographing strange things or creating abstract themes for school assignments. It’s tons of fun and I’m super excited to almost be done! & every now and then I get brave enough to tackle the art of self portraits for an assignment. The ultimate selfie. This assignment was a recreation of another photographer I admire deeply. With her consent I was able to use her photograph as inspiration to create it again, with a little bit of me if you know what I mean. Selfies are no joke friends, this was hard! Enjoy.


Texas Couples

Kyla + Nathan

For crying out loud you two. You’re so cute together, you put most of us to shame. I enjoyed y’all so much. I know you’ll enjoy so many more sessions together! & Echo! Ridiculously sweet, can’t help but love her too! Kyla, you’ve set out on a new journey with your business and I’m so excited to watch you and it both grow. To support you. There is nothing quite like watching others achieve their goals and develop even bigger dreams. If you didn’t know Kyla has her own business, you can check it out here. Congrats y’all & much luck!

Redo (2)Redo (3)Redo (6)-2Redo (6)Redo-2Redo-3Redo

Baby Colton


Oh sweet boy! You look just like your sissy! I’m lucky enough to photograph your family for most occasions, so it was no secret I’d be here to photograph you. We all adore you and your sweet rolls, your ability to sleep through positioning, kids playing, wardrobe changes & doggies sniffing your sweet skin. Madi loves you to pieces, she’ll be the best big sister you could ask for. You look more and more like your daddy every day, way to go JP! I can’t get over how precious you are! But not to worry, if I know your mother, we’ll see each other again real soon.