Southern Brides.

Say hello to this little bride, Amber. By far one of the most genuinely sweet people I’ve ever met. & she made an awfully stunning bride! Her gown, from David’s Bridal, speaks volumes to her beauty. She wore it wonderfully. And as a sweet, simple, southern girl we chose to photograph her on some hidden fields out in Madison. She’s a married woman now, Mrs. Coburn.

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A dream maternity shoot.

Meet Haley. What a gorgeous little momma. We met in a field somewhere in Madison and made this dreamy session come to life. I enjoy maternity sessions so much as it is truly special to watch a new or experienced mother fall in love with her belly on camera. It’s nothing short of magical! & what a perfect belly she has. Little Lawson has made his adventure into this world & I was asked to be there for it. Keep your eye out on the blog for his introduction!

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Waiting on you baby Bernie.

Say Hello to the Clark’s. This sweet little family is waiting on their third baby girl, Bernie. Her older sisters are super excited to meet her and teach her all about life! Mom and dad are just as anxious as this waiting period nears it’s end. Bernie will be here soon, but in the meantime I hope this sweet family maternity session brings a smile to your face!


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