Double J Farms-Northern Alabama Summer Vows

Jeremy Proposed!

“He made the 7hr drive home from work for Thanksgiving and picked me up. When we got back to my house he had my brother distract me while he set everything up for the proposal. He had taken wooden boards and drilled holes in them for Christmas lights that spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” and he brought me out blindfolded and then asked. It was so sweet. I said yes, of course, and then we went out to a nice dinner.”

Amber & Jeremy went on to be married. It was a beautiful summer day. Amber glowed from beginning to end, truly! Amber is also a very talented bride, as she and her bridesmaids put together most of the center pieces and decorations for the reception! They decided to be married at Double J Farms, here in Northern Alabama. And what a beautiful place! I could not have asked for a more stunningly sweet little bride for the day!

Amber & Jeremy, I wish you both a lifetime of bliss! I pray that you’ll continue to console and love each other like I saw you do that day. You are both so perfect for each other! And I can NOT wait to have y’all in front of my lens again! xoxo

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