New Name Same Awesome Photographer

Deciding and announcing my new business name has been such a huge move for myself and my business. A scary and exhilarating one. But one I was more than ready for. When I created SDW Photography I decided on a name that reflected my personal name. And then I grew and I learned and I created this business that had outgrew it’s name. Not only because my real name had changed but because my shooting style and the way I presented my business had changed. So the process had started. I absolutely wanted the new face of my business to be an ever lasting one and I wanted it to have little pieces of myself in it. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with cotton and antlers. I think it’s because the images I see when I think of these things are so light, airy and country. They’re beautiful in their own design. So I started researching and playing with ideas. Pinterest was of great help. I would often find myself looking at images like the ones below.

IMG_4165 IMG_4881 IMG_4333 IMG_4330

And then I was introduced to this wonderfully amazing graphic designer, a friend of a friend (the best kind of friend to have). Ashley, with SwankyDuck, listened to my ideas and jumped on board! I got so excited to start making my dreams something in concrete! On to the lettering. I’m a sucker for sweet cursive swirls, so I knew my logo had to be represented in that way. Ashley knew exactly what she was doing when I told her this, but of course I found myself fantasizing about “ENTER BUSINESS NAME HERE” in beautiful calligraphy. Pinterest again was to blame for this.

IMG_4502 IMG_4524

I mean really, my new name and brand was to be completely mine and original. The possibilities were endless and sometimes a little overbearing. Ashley and I met and consulted a lot during the process. She took my vision of cotton, antlers, calligraphy and everything else I desired and created something so beautiful! I love Ashley so much. She showed me progress every step of the way, which was so insightful to the process of her work. The name came easier that I thought. I had taken consensus’s on Facebook about ideas for my new name. But because I wanted it to be an ever lasting name I veered pretty quickly away from giving it my new name. Southern Cotton is a main background for me, one of my favorites obviously. In reality Southern Cotton picked me.


Then, all the sudden all that was left to do was to give this bad boy life! And Ashley did just take. The final product y’all, there’s no words for it other than PERFECT! My new name and brand represented me as a whole and it shines through something fierce. So without further adieu, Welcome to Southern Cotton Photography!


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