Sibling Smiles

 These two adorable kiddos are a riot! Lana is in the question phase, which makes it so much fun to answer with a question. Hunter is a little shy, but so stinkin’ cute! Although they didn’t really want to show each other any attention, well at least Hunter wasn’t really that into it. Either way they were way fun to run around with!



 What a little chunk of cuteness! Little Madi came to see me only a few short days after birth! Her mother & I wooed her to sleep for two hours as she posed so gracefully for us! (At which point Dad fell into a deep sleep as well, too funny.) I am so excited to be here to watch Madi grow, and feel so blessed her parents chose SDW Photography to embark on this journey with them! Congrats you two!


Big Family, Big Love.

 The Huerta’s, such a beautiful rambunctious family! I’ve always wondered what it might be like to have so many children of my own. With all the kids running around full of life and nothing but smiles on everyone faces, how could you go wrong? Each one of them was a joy to photograph!


Lucey Goosey Designs!

 I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite knitting machines! Her name is Beth Lucey Hansen from Lucey Goosey Designs! I have had the pleasure of working with her here recently to style my sessions in one of a kind crocheted pieces! Her work is absolutely awesome and she always entertains my ideas with her own. She is a sweetheart and puts her soul into her work. If you haven’t checked her out, what are you waiting for?! These shots are just a sneak at what’s to come in the future! Thanks Beth!!

Hersey Kiss Crochet Set:



Mermaid Crochet Set:


Swim Babe!

As my first swim session, Kyla made it super easy to capture her gorgeousness! The girl is beautiful, inside & out. Having the beach to ourselves made it that much easier to just take our time & have some fun. I look forward to seeing this girl in front of my lens in the future!

DSC_0143       DSC_0182DSC_0222DSC_0244DSC_0248DSC_0258DSC_0266DSC_0272

A little family love.

This little family kept me on my toes. Such sweet natured, lovable children! Watching people interact and feeling the love they share between each other is what I love most about my job, The Haun’s have such an enormous amount of love I wish I could’ve gone home with them! Although Austin was a little daddy’s boy we got that cute little smile to shine through. & oh good golly, little miss is just as gorgeous as ever!  And as always military families hold a special spot in my heart! I can’t wait to see them grow as individuals & as a family. Enjoy!

Image  Image

   DSC_0745    DSC_0658DSC_0643DSC_0637DSC_0597DSC_0593DSC_0448DSC_0443DSC_0375